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Radical exists to equip Christians to be on mission.

Jesus calls us to make His glory known among all nations by making disciples and multiplying churches. Being on mission is not a program, but the calling of our lives as Christians.

Located in Western Asia, Radical’s Training Center allows global workers to live among the unreached and experience full cultural immersion while gaining language and culture acquisition skills and instruction from seasoned, cross-cultural global workers with years of experience in the field. In addition to providing biblical instruction, the Radical Training Center aims to help future global workers develop the resiliency and practical skills necessary to make disciples and plant churches among some of the hardest-to-reach people and places on earth.

Radical defines a global worker as follows: a disciple of Jesus set apart by the Holy Spirit, sent out from the church to cross geographic, cultural, and/or linguistic barriers as part of a team of global workers that is making disciples and planting a church (or churches) with the goal of spreading the gospel among unreached peoples and places. Due to the specific aims of Radical Training, this program focuses on equipping global workers who plan to serve among people and places where there is little or no access to the gospel.

Process Outline:

  • Application

    • Primary Information

    • Personal

    • References

    • Christian Walk

  • Assessment

    • Applicant Interview

    • Church Interview

  • Acceptance

    • Commitment

    • Deposit

  • Preparation:

    • Assessments

    • Pre-Arrival Courses

  • Pre-Arrival Reading

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